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Congratulations on your decision to move forward with this most important day!

Use the following form in order to register your event. If you have any questions you are welcome to contact us at your convenience. Please note that a completed and submitted registration form does NOT secure your date. Only a deposit and confirmation from Dave Di Raddo can secure the time and date. Please read the Services and Fees section of our website.



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"We never thought we would find an officiate who would be able to conduct a ceremony reflecting both our Jewish and Catholic faiths the way Dave DiRaddo did. Dave was recommended to us as being a Minister who was open to all ideas. From our first conversation, when Dave told us that both our traditions and faiths could easily be incorporated, to the final ceremony which left no symbol unexplained, we knew that Dave truly took the time to understand both of our beliefs.

Throughout the harried months leading up to our wedding, even though he was actually three states away, Dave made sure he was just a phone call or an email away. He would constantly remind us that no matter what other details we were worried about at the time, we needed to remember the most important thing- that it would be our day to express our love for each other.

We will always remember Dave's eloquent explanations of the lighting of the unity candle, the meaning of the breaking of the glass, and his powerful voice reading ancient prayers of love. Our beautiful ceremony would never have been so unique and powerful if it were not for Dave. Thank you for making our wedding a reflection of who we were as individuals, and who we are as a married couple!"

Michael & Davina Owens

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